Skin is the word

skin is the word
verdict on looks
the amount of prejudice,
in the history books

skin is the word
a language so foul
it has bitter taste
stab, scream or scowl

skin is the word
an evolution of men
answering a question of what
if we are born with skin alike

skin is the word
if no pigment is the norm
another albino infant
what kind of racism will form?

skin is the word
if daylight would give us pigment
in this fiction
our pigment and the sun
will earth another friction

Daylight is a natural source that stimulates the existence of humanity. Not only does it support the mental state of a being, it also feeds the physical state of the human body with vitamin D.

Excessive sunlight comes with various consequences; there are individuals that deliberately avoid it. It causes allergic reactions, rashes, cancer and ageing. There are people that are born with the absence of melanin. These individuals are Albinos; born without pigment in their skin. When exposed to sunlight, their skin possibly becomes permanently marked.

What if...
But what if we all started as Albino's, without pigmentation in our skin. What if our skin got slightly darker every time we're exposed to the sun. What if every human started out the same and evolved with the sun. Would it eliminate discrimination, or create a whole different level of it? The boundaries of 'what is' and 'what has to be' inspired us to create a new timeline of evolution.

The name of the project is Kaya, which means, 'skin', 'body' and 'appearance' in the Indian language Sanskrit. We wanted to give this project a human name that would serve the concept in its meaning softly and a little hidden. We created a timeline that illustrates the process of the skin evolution that occurs in our 'what if' fiction. One of our project members posed as a model and was slowly transformed into an Albino woman through make-up and editing. With all the resources that we had we created Kaya together.

Kaya was exhibited in Copenhagen for an exhibition on 'Daylight'.